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By popular demand, here's an update!

It's been an interesting year so far, whereas 2008 was all about keeping everything steady, 2009 has been all about change so far.

One of my bestest buddies Brian got married to his longtime girlfriend Annie (aka Anee) in a beautiful ceremony in Long Beach. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The bachelor parties were awesome; Vegas and the cruise both had memorable moments that wont be forgotten any time soon.

The wedding itself was great. They're really great for each other, they've had their ups and downs, but they managed to get through it all quite well. Brian's mom was so happy for her son at the wedding, it was really sweet. I almost teared up during the mother/son dance, but managed to maintain my composure. It certainly made me think of my mom, whom I love with all my heart, and how happy she would be if I ever tied the knot. But that's neither here nor there.

In the spirit of Brian and Annie's marriage, I quit my job at Aperture Health in March. I got the job right after college and things went well for a while. Met some great people, made some good friends, but management was retarded and it slowly started to drain any and all motivation we had to do the work. Toward Thanksgiving of last year, they started missing pay periods, and by the time I quit in March I was owed two months of back pay. I qualified for unemployment, so I've been looking for some gainful employment. I have enough time to be picky right now, but hopefully the economy picks up and people start hiring again.

Other then that, things are good. Got the Mud Run coming up in a few weeks so I've been working out a bit. Then rafting a few weeks after that so I'll be up in the Yay Area again.

That's all folks!

Man on Wire

So I haven't posted in probably a year now, which is just as well since nothing big has been going on.

My company may be on the brink of shutting down, we haven't been paid in over a week, which by most standards should be a big red flag of sorts, but this isn't the first time it's happened.

Anywho, I saw this incredible documentary this past weekend called Man on Wire. It chronicles the planning and execution of what was called "The Artistic Crime of the Century" when Philippe Petit and some accomplices broke into the World Trade Center, only just recently having been completed in 1974, rigging up a high-wire across the two towers, then performing a tight rope walk across it.

It is absolutely spellbinding and one of the most amazing feats I've ever seen. Considering that when the buildings were completed they were the tallest in the world and having this guy walk across them is beyond words.

I highly recommend the film to anyone, it's nominated for best documentary feature this year in the Oscars, so hopefully it gets some more recognition.


Well there's a first time for everything.

We uploaded my website to the web server at work today so we could test it out and it didn't work.

I figured out the problem, so I went to upload two files that I had to change and brought down the server.

All we had to do to fix it was restart the server, but man was I freaked out! :P
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Round Two. Fight!

So I stunk it up on my PwC interview. I got stumped good on one of his questions and I'm pretty sure that's where I blew it.

The Deloitte interview went well, but the people that were picked were officers in the audit club on campus.

I had an interview with Hitachi consulting, and he asked me a few questions about some software that I'd never used and I think I lost it because of it.

So three rejections out of three. I was starting to get pretty depressed.

Then I interviewed with KPMG for their Computer Forensics department. It went great. He asked me if I was really interested in forensics. It was really the best question he could've asked me because I answered (honestly) that forensics was the very reason I decided on attending Cal Poly Pomona. It was the only school that offered courses in Forensics (at the time) so I went there. Took that class in the Spring and it was great.

I made it to round two for them, I get to go in house next Wendesday.

The only issue is that it's also my birthday that same day! Do I mention it on the interview or just act like it's any other day? Heeelp!
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My interview is in two hours. I'm going to be so nervous it's not even funny. The fact that my entire future depends on how well I perform for 30 minutes doesn't help much! :(
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Ching Ching! Back Again!

Let's go ahead and add PricewaterhouseCoopers to the list of interviews. :)

That's two of the Big Four down, still waiting to hear back from the other two. But if the biggest of them all is interested in the Goon, I figure the others will too! :)
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What a Difference a Summer Makes

Now normally I don't post serious matters here, but I felt this one deserved its own entry.

Yesterday was the first day of what should be my very last quarter as an undergrad student. While I should've been ecstatic about almost being finished was somewhat diminished by all the issues I've had with my classes.

I had originally set my schedule weeks in advance of registering, being my last quarter I got first choice on classes and was set.

A few weeks ago, I went to print out my class schedule and noticed one was missing. After checking my school e-mail, I was notified that one of the classes I had enrolled in was canceled. While it was my fault for not checking my school e-mail with more regularity, I would've appreciated a phone call or something letting me know that my class had been canceled.

In order to graduate, I needed to take that course or another class that I wasn't all too interested in taking, E-Commerce Application Development. The cancellation of that class left me with no choice but to take the E-Commerce class, which runs Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8pm to 10pm. Ouch. It's also my only class of the day, so I get to hang out on campus for several hours before it starts. Yippie. At least I'll have extra time to go work out at the gym again this quarter, that way I can get in shape and lose it again this Thanksgiving!

But I digress. The real highlight of the post is what happened to my good friend, Ali.

Ali is my oldest college friend. I met him back at Fullerton College before we transferred in the same quarter to the same major. During the Spring quarter was the first time at Cal Poly that I actually had him for a class, and it was like old times. We teamed up for projects and hung out quite a bit, but he did tell us that he was going off to Pakistan over the summer for his yearly vacation.

If you had seen the news stories from Pakistan over the summer, it was a pretty bad place to be. They had flooding from a powerful typhoon, bombings from extremists, and tons of general disorder. Naturally I was concerned for his safety, and I didn't hear from him for weeks.

A few weeks before the Spring quarter ended, we were having dinner with a few other friends and were discussing his trip. His father is apparently a high ranking General in Pakistan who has met the country's president, and is evidently well known and respected in the country. I casually joked that he would be going to Pakistan and come back married, since his father had so many connections within the country.

Well last night before my only class of the evening I saw Ali, and he was dressed to the 9's. He was wearing a big gold ring and a Rolex watch. All sorts of bling that I'd never seen him wear before. I asked him why he was all dressed up, and our friend David informed me that:

Ali got married!

What the hell?!

He showed me a picture on his cell phone of his new bride. She's gorgeous! It's just so weird knowing that one of my friends got married that quickly. Granted his culture is a bit different from what we have here in the States, but strange nonetheless.

And so concludes another exciting episode of The Hired Goon Chronicles.
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